Essex Island Marina

11 Ferry Street Essex, CT 06426 link
(860) 767-2483

Description: "Brewer Essex Island Marina is located five scenic miles from the entrance to the Connecticut River, from Long Island Sound. Offering a unique boating destination, Brewer Essex Island Marina's thirteen acre property is just a short ferry ride from downtown historic Essex."
NOTE: Brewers has been purchased by Safe Harbor and tehe name of this marina will be changed to Safe Harbor Essex Island in the near future.
SPOILER: As of June 22, 2018 the old restaurant Marley's was closed and the new restourant not yet opened.

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Aerial view of Essex Island.

To approach Essex Island Marina, turn left approximately half way between R"26" and R"28", between the two yellow cans
C"P" and C"I"

The marina office is right on the dock.

Gaelic and Garlic and Sea Ya are on the river side.

Nancy Ann is in the last slips out back.
Areas to relax with freinds and have a cookout are scattered around the island.
Take the ferry across the fairway to walk into town.
At the end of the street you will find a delightful museum with displays of Essex history and of the Ct River.

Looking for a meal out? visit the famous Griswold Inn.

Looking for a low key meal? Try the Black Seal.
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