Coecles Harbor - Anchorage, Shelter Island NY


Description: "Coecles Harbor is located on the eastern section of Shelter Island. While the northern shoreline is scattered with many beautiful homes, the southern shore line is completely undeveloped and part of Mashomack Nature Preserve. Coecles Harbor is one of the most protected harbors on the east end."

While the beauty of the harbor is overwhelming, maneuvering the harbor can be tricky for boats with deep drafts. Our navigation sections will point out what you need to know in order to avoid any trouble. Remember, the buoys outside and inside the harbor are privately maintained and their locations often shift from year to year. The navigation section will also give you exact waypoints and tell you which buoys are misplaced this year."

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The Anchorage is immediately on the left as you enter Coecoes Harbor.

Go easy as you enter the harbor, there is only enough room for one boat at a time.

NOTE: the anchorage is well marked, and the local officials will patrol to be sure you are inside the markers!


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